Faith In Action

The United Methodist Church has history of concern for social justice and being in service to those on the fringes of society. Members of Hilltop carry on that tradition both in the community and in the world. We believe we are called, both individually and collectively, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One way we do this is by reaching out to comfort, nourish and empower marginalized people in disadvantaged circumstances in our community and in the world.This strong tradition of discipleship reflects Hilltop's deep commitment to be the Body of Christ in the world. Hilltop offers many mission/outreach opportunities for its members. This page highlights our top priority local missions.


In the Community

Crossroads Urban Center - Crossroads is one of the busiest food banks in Utah. Some members of the congregation support this center by donating food and money. Others give their time on a regular basis as a volunteer. Hilltop provides direct financial support to Crossroads annually.

 Family Promise - To help Family Promise provide a temporary home for families, Hilltop contributes the use of one of its houses several times a year. While the families are in residence, members of Hilltop and other faith communities provide hospitality and food. At other times that house is used by mission groups coming to the area.

 Rescue Mission of Salt Lake - Offering hope and a spiritual lift – that is the goal of our members who serve here. Every second Friday of the month, the Hilltop and its Praise Band provide a worship service at the Mission, and other volunteers serve dinner and help with clean-up of the dining area. Hilltop provides direct financial support to this ministry. Hilltop also volunteers at the Mission's annual Christmas party.

 Red Cross Blood Drives - To help the Red Cross keep this life-saving resource in stock, Hilltop organizes a blood drive several times a year and invites the local community to contribute.

In the World

Local and Global Support -

  • Hilltop regularly provides financial support and volunteer opportunities for many other local, regional and international missions. 
  • In recent years Hilltop has identified specific missions for greater financial support. Previous recipient missions have been "Imagine No Malaria" (eliminating malaria in sub-Saharan Africa) and "Water at Work" (providing access to clean water in the Dominican Republic). 
  • Hilltop supports the Abundant Life Center in Malawi, with donations to be used to purchase blankets and mosquito nets for students and
  • Hilltop sponsors a student in Guatemala through Pura Vida Ministries.

In the Church

We can also be in mission within the church, lending our hands, feet and minds to making our church a worshipful place where people of all ages and talents can praise God. While the opportunities for service are almost endless, these are a few:

SCMT – Special Care Ministry Team reaches out to members and others in need of prayers. Special Care Team members provide support with meals, cards, and phone calls and visits to home and hospital. This team includes Card Ministry; a group of crafters who gather frequently throughout the year to make special greeting cards to cheer and encourage.

Sunday School Teachers - Discipleship and Christian formation are important elements of being a person of faith. Hilltop has a dedicated group of teachers and is always looking for more who are willing to serve either as teachers or as teachers' assistants. One of the church's goals is to expand its religious education offerings. This includes offering Children's Sunday School during our 10:30 am service.

Vacation Bible School - Do you remember how special VBS was to you when you were a child? Do you remember the special love you felt? Every summer, Hilltop creates that same environment of Christian love for its children and those in the community. Many hands with different skills and interest are invited to participate.

Prayer Chain - Prayer is powerful. Sometimes just knowing that others are praying for you can make a difference. Hilltop has an active prayer chain. As soon as a concern is known, an email goes out to those in the chain. If the situation involves hospitalization, the Special Care Ministry goes into action.

Flowers for the Chancel and Fellowship - Beautifying the sanctuary and providing food for fellowship after church are two other areas of service within the church.

Grounds and Building Maintenance - For those who prefer a more physical mission area, this area might be for you. Members of Hilltop try to keep God's house looking as nice and as well-maintained as they do their own. On most Thursday mornings during the summer, you'll see people working on the landscaping. We save the inside jobs mainly for the winter.